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Return On Investment Tracking

What is ROI ?

ROI is an acronym for Return On Investment. It is used to measure the effectiveness of the type of investment. ROI is calculated by the formula below.

ROI calculations are very important for any investment decision and applied to advertising campaign investments as well. A positive ROI is not only required but an ad campaign with a higher ROI is an indication of a better investment decision.

Why is ROI calcuation necessary ?

Advertising budget requires decisions to be made on different types of ad placements. If the returns from different ad campaigns does not have a positive ROI, then those ad campaigns should be discarded and replaced with campaigns which have positive ROI. The effectiveness of your ad clicks requires tracking analysis worth a million dollar. Your ad budget should be monitored for its effectiveness. Are you getting any result from your CPC ad spending. WebsiteGear Click Tracking helps you monitor that for a small fraction of your ad budget.

How Can WebsiteGear Click Tracking Help?

WebsiteGear Click Tracking provides you with the information that you need to monitor your ad campaign budget. Here is what click tracking reports will provide you with:
  1. Daily, monthly and detailed reports of clicks.
  2. Unique clicks vs. total clicks report.
  3. Source of click such as referring URL.
  4. Country of the user and the time of the click.
  5. Cost and ROI analysis for the campaign.
  6. Compare reports for each campaign and source.
  7. Analyse conversions of clicks to sales, sign-up etc.
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