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Click Fraud Tracking

What is Click Fraud ?

Click fraud is a type of internet nuisance or crime on Pay Per Click advertising where repeated clicks on an ad are generated by a person or an automated script. This inflates the number of clicks generated from such a CPC Ad campaign, without any legitimate interest in the underlying ad. Several pay per click ad agencies including the big search engines have been sued by advertisers for allowing such false clicks while charging huge amounts of advertising dollars for those fraudulent clicks.

How can fraud clicks be identified?

A fraud click is often intentional, and may originate from competing vendors or websites in order to rake up advertising charges for its competitors. Other fraud clicks originate from websites who are paid per click for displaying your ad.

One way to track fraud clicks is by tracking the IP address of the user's computer. The other method is to set a cookie and track the cookie even if the computer's IP changes. A combination of both can be more effectively used to detect click frauds.

How Can WebsiteGear Click Tracking Help?

WebsiteGear Click Tracking provides you with the information that you need to monitor fraudulant clicks. IP tracking and/or cookie tracking can be enabled for links that are tracked in your account, and WebsiteGear Click Tracking product does the rest.

The reports will contain unique clicks and total clicks. A huge discrepancy between the unique clicks and total clicks is a sign of fraudulent clicks.

Here is what click tracking reports will provide you with:
  1. Daily, monthly and detailed reports of clicks.
  2. Unique clicks vs. total clicks report.
  3. Source of click such as referring URL.
  4. Country of the user and the time of the click.
  5. Cost and ROI analysis for the campaign.
  6. Compare reports for each campaign and source.
  7. Analyse conversions of clicks to sales, sign-up etc.
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