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Ad Conversion Tracking

What is a conversion ?

A conversion from an advertisement is a measurement of the success of the advertisement. For internet ads, a conversion is when a user clicks on an ad and buys something on the advertising website. Or a user clicks on an ad and signs-up for their product demo. It is upto the advertiser to decide what is the criteria of measurement of success for the money that is spent on advertising.

Why is conversion tracking important ?

The ultimate goal of an advertising campaign is to bring in customers who will spend time and money on the website, ultimately increasing the revenue of the website or the company. It often does not make sense to spend $100 on an advertising campaign to get only $20 in sales from the visitors who click on those ads. The campaign is not effective enough to convert into sales. But how would you know how many sales were generated from the campaign if you can not track the conversions.

How are conversions tracked ?

Conversions from an Ad are tracked using browser cookies. WebsiteGear places a cookie on the user's browser denoting that the user clicked on that particular ad and visited the advertiser's website. When the user buys or signs-up on the website, WebsiteGear Click Tracking tool records that sale or sign-up conversion and matches it to the user click that was recorded earlier using the cookie.

To track conversions, you have to enable conversion tracking in the link settings, and place a small piece of HTML code provided by WebsiteGear in your after-conversion web page. An after-conversion web page is the page that is shown to the user after the sale or sign-up occurs such as a 'Thank You' page.

How Can WebsiteGear Click Tracking Help?

WebsiteGear Click Tracking provides you with the information that you need to monitor your ad conversions. Here is what click tracking reports will provide you with:
  1. Daily, monthly and detailed reports of clicks.
  2. Unique clicks vs. total clicks report.
  3. Source of click such as referring URL.
  4. Country of the user and the time of the click.
  5. Cost and ROI analysis for the campaign.
  6. Compare reports for each campaign and source.
  7. Analyse conversions of clicks to sales, sign-up etc.
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