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Click Tracking Pricing


Membership Plan Comparison

The Silver plan provides basic statistics of unique and total clicks. It is suitable for tracking usage without detailed analysis such as a download monitor, email campaigns and ads.

The Gold plan provides in-depth data for further analysis such as referring URL, keyword used, country of origin, conversion tracking for leads, sign-ups and sales. The gold plan is ideal for campaign tracking and analysis including return on investment (ROI) calculations.

The Platinum plan provides customization and allows creation of advertiser or client user accounts and is useful for signing up advertisers for your website. It also allows to group results for comparison analysis.

 Membership Plans Silver Gold Platinum
 Cost Per Month (USD) $10.00 $20.00 $40.00
(See volume pricing below) Sign-up Now Sign-up Now Sign-up Now
 Unlimited Links
 Web-based Interface
 Live Data Collection & Reporting
 Use your own 'Domain Name'
 Total & Unique Click Data
 Calculated Cost Data (based on CPC value)
 Daily Total Click Statistics
 Daily Unique Click Statistics (24 hr IP based)
 Daily Cost Statistics (based on CPC value)
 Detailed IP Statistics (Historical)
 Country Location Statistics (Historical)
 Detailed Referring URL Statistics (Historical)
 Keyword Tracking & Analysis
 Bulk Link Import
 Customized Time Zone Setting
 Customized Unique Click Tracking By Cookies
 Conversion Tracking (Sale, Sign-up, Lead type conversions)
 Set Dynamic Conversion Tracking Value
 ROI Data Based On Sales
 Set Dynamic Sale Amount For ROI Calculation
 Grouping of Links For Comparison Analysis
 API Integration For Invoking Requests Programmatically
 Custom User Account Creation (e.g. for advertisers)
 Allow Users To View Statistics
 Set User Permissions To Modify Link Settings
 Full Customization For Better Brand Control
 Custom Header & Footer For User Account Pages

Pricing (US Dollars Per Month)

The account will be charged by monthly recurring billing. Payments are accepted by credit card. No long term contract is required and cancellation requests can be initiated at least 7 days before the next billing cycle.

Membership Type Included Clicks/Month Base Price/Month Overage/Additional Click*
Sign-up Now
25,000 $10.00 $0.001
50,000 $20.00 $0.0008
100,000 $30.00 $0.0006
1,000,000 $50.00 $0.0005
Sign-up Now
25,000 $20.00 $0.002
50,000 $40.00 $0.0016
100,000 $60.00 $0.0012
1,000,000 $100.00 $0.001
Sign-up Now
25,000 $40.00 $0.003
50,000 $80.00 $0.0024
100,000 $120.00 $0.0018
1,000,000 $200.00 $0.0015

* Overage is charged per 1 click above the limit. To suit your monthly usage, switching between pricing plans is permitted at any time from your account view.


Free 15 Days Trial Membership

WebsiteGear provides a free 15 day Trial Membership for upto 100 clicks. This will allow our new members to try all the features of all 3 membership types (Silver, Gold and Platinum) before paying. No payment information is required to sign-up for this trial service. After 15 days or 100 clicks, you will have to upgrade to a paid membership.

Dedicated Server & Custom Solutions

WebsiteGear also provides dedicated servers for high volume usage. Dedicated server solutions will eliminate usage based pricing model and can also be customized to fit unique customer needs. Contact us for details and pricing.