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Cost Per Click Ad Tracking

What is a CPC Ad ?

A Cost Per Click (CPC) ad is based on a per-click pricing model, where the advertiser pays only when the ad is clicked. CPC ads are more performance based as compared to CPM ads where the advertiser pays per impression of the ad. The CPC model is used widely in the search marketing industry, such as the text ads on search engines like ads on Google and Yahoo search pages.

Why is CPC Ad Tracking Important ?

CPC ads are now a key part of every marketing portfolio. Search engine text ads such as Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Ads are widely used by small to big companies with budgets ranging from tens to thousands of dollars per month. Companies place CPC text ads for selected keywords and bid on the price they are willing to pay per click.

However, does the advertiser have the following information on those clicks:
  1. How many clicks were generated for each campaign?
  2. Where are they coming from (website, search engine and country of origin)?
  3. What was the keyword they searched on?
  4. How effective was the click?
  5. Are you getting the types of clicks you wanted?
  6. How many clicks converted to a sale or a sign-up?
  7. How can I optimize my CPC campaigns?
  8. What is the Return On Investement (ROI) for the campaign?
The effectiveness of a click requires tracking analysis worth a million dollar. Your ad budget should be monitored for its effectiveness. Are you getting any result from your CPC ad spending. WebsiteGear Click Tracking helps you monitor that for a small fraction of your ad budget.

How Can WebsiteGear Click Tracking Help?

WebsiteGear Click Tracking provides you with the information that you need to monitor your CPC ad spending. Here is what click tracking reports will provide you with:
  1. Daily, monthly and detailed reports of clicks.
  2. Unique clicks vs. total clicks report.
  3. Source of click such as referring URL.
  4. Country of the user and the time of the click.
  5. Cost and ROI analysis for the campaign.
  6. Compare reports for each campaign and source.
  7. Analyse conversions of clicks to sales, sign-up etc.
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