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Click Tracking Scenarios

Ad Campaign Tracking

WebsiteGear click tracking can be a valuable tool in evaluating the performance of advertisement campaigns. Cost Per Million (CPM) ads generate clicks, and clicks generate conversions, such as sales, sign-ups etc. The conversion is the ultimate goal of the ad campaign. CPM campaign effectiveness is measured by the number of clicks generated (click-through rates), whereas Cost Per Click (CPC) ads are tracked by conversions achieved.

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CPC Ad Tracking

CPC ads are now a key part of every marketing portfolio. Search engine text ads such as Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Ads are widely used by small to big companies with budgets ranging from tens to thousands of dollars per month. Companies place CPC text ads for selected keywords and bid on the price they are willing to pay per click. WebsiteGear Click Tracking helps you monitor that for a small fraction of your ad budget.

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Click Fraud Tracking

WebsiteGear Click Tracking provides you with the information that you need to monitor fraudulant clicks. IP tracking and/or cookie tracking can be enabled for links that are tracked in your account, and WebsiteGear Click Tracking product does the rest.

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Conversion Tracking

The ultimate goal of an advertising campaign is to bring in customers who will spend time and money on the website, ultimately increasing the revenue of the website or the company. How would you know how many sales were generated from the campaign if you can not track the conversions.

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ROI Tracking

Advertising budget requires decisions to be made on different types of ad placements. If the returns from different ad campaigns does not have a positive ROI, then those ad campaigns should be discarded and replaced with campaigns which have positive ROI.

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